Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Annika

The birthday season begins!

Happy Birthday Annika.  What a delight you are to our family.  You are typically excited to do anything with anyone.  You love your older sisters and being doted upon by them, but you are always up for what the boys are doing.  A bit of a competitive streak runs through you!  You are always excited to go to work with Daddy,if only for the donuts he is sure to buy.  And a good book on the couch with Mom is right up your alley any day of the week.

I love you, my big 8-year-old!

Reading the treasure map from your brothers ~

Found the first clue ~

On to the second ~

What could they possibly have in mind at the pond??

The treasure has been found...
but not before a curious rock chuck got into it!

What could Auntie Margaret have sent?

And now for a humongous breath of air for ALL these candles!

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