Saturday, May 4, 2013

Michaela & Katherine's Dance

The girls went to a dance last night.  Since it was a formal affair, the preparations in the weeks prior took a lot of time.  Dresses needed to be found, which was particularly touchy due to Michaela needing something to hide her brace, and  hairstyles needed to be chosen.  Knowing how inept their mother is at styling hair...think braids and pony tails....they asked Stacy to help them in this department.  This proved a very good decision, the girls' hair was the envy of everyone!  They had a great time with wonderful friends.  What a gift to be able to leave, know your children are safe, while they participate in "normal" activities with their friends.

The best part for me was at the end, though.  While the parents cleaned up, the kids were out in the rain taking pictures.  Eric was the photographer.  When parents are behind the camera, the children are often a bit more reserved, not so when the cameraman is an 11-year-old boy.  Following that, they all traipsed down to the Big Dipper for ice cream.  Seeing them all sitting around the table laughing and enjoying cones made a perfect evening.  As a homeschooling mother I often worry if they will  be "normal."  They are better than normal.  As Eric came up the stairs to sit with his Mom, they all scooted aside, "Eric, sit here.  No, sit over here.  Eric, there's room right here."
Momma's heart filled right up!
There is no exclusion, everyone is welcome in their group no matter their age or quirkiness and I like, I love that.  Sometimes there is difficulty with friends, it is just part of growing up, but generally speaking, all they want to do is have fun!

How Stacy did anything with this mess is beyond me!

Michaela, Ravyn, Abby, Katherine ~

The girls and their favorite cousin, Steven ~
Well, most of the time he's their favorite ~:o)

Michaela's despised brace ~


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