Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day

Several years ago we went on a little canoe trip for Mother's Day. Mom and I enjoyed it so much we asked if we could do it again this year.  It was glorious.  Windless day. Warm.  Snowy mountain peaks in the distance.  Birds singing. Perfect in every way.

One of Uncle Joey's friends joined us and made the day a riotous good time for the older kids.  They weren't in the water for 15 minutes before they were drenched, much to my dismay.  We were planning on going to a brunch following and it just wouldn't be appropriate to stagger in, dripping water.   They had enough time to dry off afterward and, other than some slightly dirty clothes, were none the worse for the wear.

Uncle Ben & Nickles

I told Joshie, "No frogs."
As soon as he begins looking for creatures it becomes a mission
and he ends up chasing them through muddy swamps.
But, how can you help it when they are right there in the water and his eyes just happen to spot them?

Divvying up the canoes ~

This canoe looks like it is going to have too much fun,
look at their suspicious faces....

Then, there is the precious canoe
with precious Halle and Annika too.

Nickles insisted on rowing most of the way,
of course that's when he wasn't looking for fish.

What an innocent group...

Then, things got wild.
the next time I saw them they were drenched.

", whistle why they work...."

Drying off  in the sunshine ~

The Family ~

Mom was feeling empty-lapped without a baby, so Ben accommodated ~
He kinda looks like a baby.

My five-year-old needed something to do, so I gave him the camera ~
They make the best photographers!

Mom's smile and Annika ~

New green grass sprouting through last year's old grass ~

Uncle Ben trying to intimidate someone ~

Daddy taking a nap ~

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. What a fun day! I was just telling Thomas on our way home from church on Sunday how fun it would be to go canoeing. Maybe we just need to make a trip to Helena. loveyoumeanit...

    1. You are welcome ANY time at our home Tori...we could even go rafting!