Thursday, August 8, 2013


In all the hubbub of the last weeks we missed posting the pictures of Alaska.  It was such an awesome opportunity for the older three to have this adventure with Daddy!  Shannon and I both love the majesty of the 49th state and are so grateful for Michaela, Kath and Eric to experience it like we have.

They spent four days with friends fishing on the Prince William Sound, and although the weather wasn't sunny they still had a spectacular time.  Bill & Terry treated them like royalty.  Our kiddos returned home with so many books they have been bookworms ever since.

Michaela's perspective ~
It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, which is very true but there was something that cannot be captured in a picture.  It was cold, very different from our hot Montana weather we had left. More than the weather was the majesty of the ocean.  As I kayaked around in the coves with the mountains shooting straight up I felt slightly insignificant.  The seals would follow us around as we kayaked.  They would dip down and then pop back up.  The best part for me was when we had to make it across the ocean in rough seas.  They weren't terrible, but enough for a little bit of excitement.  We had to spot boats and then its buoy so that we would not cut their fish nets.  The boat would rock up and down, it would dive down and water would splash over the top.  We'd finally get to our destination of another cove with snow and seals...and calm seas.

Kath's thoughts ~  When we got on the boat the first thing we did was look around the boat and claim beds. I have to say that Michaela and I got the best bedroom. The first full day we went kayaking and Michaela and I tested the theory from Nemo wondering if the tops of the jellyfish sting (good thing they didn't). The second day we were there was the fourth of July.  We shot bottles with a 22. The third and most embarrassing day, Michaela and I went kayaking with Bill and Terry. We passed so many waterfalls that I wanted to taste some of the water.  That is when I learned that kelp is really slippery and fell in the water. Hey, we learn something new everyday right? That same day Bill, Michaela, Eric and I jumped off the top of the boat.  The life jacket I was wearing said, "They float. You don't."  When I jumped off and hit the water I went down really far, I began to wonder if the life jacket really did float!

Eric's story ~ to be continued.......

Getting ready to go through the tunnel to Whittier ~

The Mermaid Cave on the boat is the best place to sleep,
You're right at water level and tucked into a cozy corner of the boat.
I even sleep there it is so peaceful!

Two of thousands of waterfalls ~
The coldest spot in the world to take a shower,
but you're squeaky clean afterwards!

The first halibut ~
Shan finally broke the ice on halibut catching ~

Just a little guy, but he sure is tasty!

Then, Eric had his turn ~

It was slightly larger!

When the fishing is slow, 
cuddling up in the kitchen with a good book really can't be beat!

The best dinners in the whole wide world are straight out of the ocean!
Of course the company is the best part!

My favorite guy, fishin' in his pj's ~

A fresh pull of shrimp ~

Breakfast of champions on the way back to port!


  1. I've always wanted to go, and now I want to go even more. I hope they brought some fish home for the rest of you. God bless! loveyoumeanit...

  2. Tori, you must go! It is the most awe-inspiring place I've ever been ~ Love you! Allison