Saturday, August 10, 2013

Seeley Tri 2013

What an awesome day for a triathlon!  Rain the night prior, cool morning that warmed to a bluebird sunny day.  It was absolutely perfect.  We arrived bright and early with a carload of athletes.  I don't think there was a quiet moment from the time they woke up around 5:30 am to the time everyone left our house around 4:00 pm....crazy but sweet!

Thank you, Theresa, for inspiring us to participate in this fun, fun sport.  I missed you today but felt your spirit with us!

So, without further ado, pictures ~ ~ ~ ~

The bus ride into the staging area,
I think they were all still a bit sleepy.

Always smiling Hannah-bee
That is Nickles' new nickname for her.

The three Bells ~

Sisters ~

The Kreamer brothers ~
I'm still trying to figure out what was so funny ~

Cousins and teammates ~
Caleb & Eric

Sommer & Kelton some of the fans ~

Waiting for the race to begin ~

So, this is where my heart began to race and 
prayers began to be murmured furiously.
We spotted Michaela and Hannah coming out at the front of the pack.
What we hadn't noticed 
was Eric right before them
I was sure my kiddos would be near the rear.
So while I scanned the lake frantically, Eric tagged Grandma and 
was sitting leisurely in the transition area.
Meanwhile, I was preparing to call the Search & Rescue.

I'm not kidding.

I was jogging up to call when Eric says, "Hey, Mom,  I was out before Michaela!"

~Practice deep breathing~

Whew! I'm done in 6:45!

Although Gabe got a late start on his duathlon, he did fantastic!

Here comes Katherine ~
Gabby and I had peaceful time sitting by the river waiting for everyone
and talking about the finer points of water lilies ~

You're almost done Kath!

And here comes Grandma ~
How many Grandmas are part of a triathlon team?!?

Lucas still has a smile even though he stated later, 
"That was 10 miles of pure hell."
I'm not sure why...he had the best bike....mine!

Gabe still managed to finish the bike in record time, 
despite getting some sort of evil, stinging insect lodged in his helmet.
His poor head!

Holy smokes! Colton's team was behind before the run,
but he passed everyone to finish first out of our group.

Then, there was Caleb, right behind Colt, smokin' up the trail.

Poor Uncle John ~ he just wasn't feelin' it today ~

Gabe's feet are fairly flying, even though his head was still stinging from
his bug episode ~

Number shot...
I mean muscle shot ~

We are DONE!

Hannah, are you laughing?

Well, you know, I'm always laughing!

The participants ~
Fantastic job!

Grandma and her boys ~
Eric said next year they are going to win!

Ahh, now for the after-tri swim.
It's the best ever!

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