Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Joshie ~

Happy, Happy Birthday Joshie!

You are now 10 years old, where has the time gone?!?  Since we have a 10-year birthday party with friends you have been busy planning this for, oh, years.  The group pf boys you invited were some of the nicest 10-year-olds I have been around.  What a delight to see you all growing up to be such fine young men.

Each year on your birthday I remember that I just knew my entire pregnancy that you were going to be born on the 20th of August. Just to be stubborn (I'm sure) you were born five minutes past my chosen date.  You still like to do things your own way, which is good as it shows your creativity.
Thank you, Joshie, for being part of our lives, always keeping things hoppin' around the house, be it with your latest creature or newest idea!

Brothers and best friends
at least that's what I keep telling them!

Wow! Awesome Annika!

Banana splits for dessert ~ Daddy's favorite.

I get my wish!

My second birthday party began with playing with Daddy's house-sized tarp.
It makes an awesome parachute.

Then, a balloon popping contest. Apparently our balloons were thin because the boys could hardly even run before POP, we'd have to begin again!

They ate lunch then ran to the top of the hill to burn off energy ~

I probably should have just let them run all over our hill all afternoon!

Katherine had arranged a dart throw ~

A water balloon toss was followed by a water fight ~

Cake, ice cream and presents ~ then they swam.  
Hopefully, they weren't on too high of a sugar rush by the time they made it home!
Thank you to everyone who made Joshie's 10th birthday such a special day!

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