Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Camera is Back in Action!

So, you know, my camera kinda bit the dust...or the water as the case may be.  Tonight I tried out my new-to-me camera and I was so happy.  For the past year, my pics have been blurry and I could not figure out why. I was pretty sure something was wrong with the camera but sending it back to the manufacturer did not produce any noticeable results.  The pictures were still yucky, so I began thinking maybe it was me.


After some snaps of the girlies tonight for our annual wall photos it was so exciting to open the pics and have them back to the clarity I fell in love with my camera for.  Good thing the old one fell in the drink, I was beginning to think my vision was really tanking.

Annika always needs to be in on the action ~

I edited out the piece of grass in another version, but the results were slightly embarrassing so lovely piece of grass is staying for the time being.

"Katherine, I can't be serious with you making fun of me!"

Not too serious, this bunch ~

And for giggles, the kids have been fighting sharing a pair of glasses
they found hiking this week.
Dom had to grab them the other day before school 
claiming he could see better with them.

The kicker....they don't have lenses.

G'Night ~

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  1. GREAT PHOTOS! Will you come and take school photos of my boys? I'm going to "try" to take school pictures of my boys rather than spending an arm and a leg on the marginal photos that LifeTouch does at school. Wish me luck. So glad you have a working camera again!