Tuesday, September 17, 2013

School Begins

As much as I love summer, I crave the structure of the school year.  Monday arrived and we actually had all our math lessons complete by breakfast....applause....and by lunch our day was pretty much done.  Success feels so good on the first day!

Homeschooling your kiddos always brings some good laughs and this year is off to a good start.  I struggle suppressing giggles when I read my kiddos' word definitions, comprehension responses, or when they simply have a question.  Maybe because I am sitting/available all day, the kids ask me more questions.

Eric had to define nomadic; his response was, "People who don't want to be involved in politics."
Hmmm.  Later in the week I found inscribed in his spelling book, "A village in Kenya is missing their idiot."
I'm not sure what I was more embarrassed by: that he had written it or that he knew what it meant.
Dominic asked me what Daddy looked like when he was a kid.
My response, "Oh, a little homely." (To my credit, that's how I would have described myself as well.)  Annika interjected, "He looked just like he does now but without the beard."

Josh began the swim team this week, now all the kids want to join him.  It is a short season, so we'll see how this goes before jumping in too deep!  Literally.  He did inform me that the coach wanted to talk to me Wednesday.  Those requests always make me slightly nervous.

Michaela is a few weeks into college/nursing chemistry and enjoying it immensely.  Certainly, it must make more sense than the simple theory book she did last year and she is knocking a couple college credits off at the same time.

Kath is  a freshman and determined to finish English again by Christmas.  We shall see.  Her curriculum is much more time consuming than years prior, but where there's a will, there's a way.

A mountain of cukes to pickle ~

Then, onto an art project with Mary Rose ~
Life is Good!

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