Saturday, October 20, 2012

Family Night

We met some friends at a local corn maze last night.  The maze was nothing too exciting, but the pumpkin slingshot and the straw bales were great fun! It was a beautiful night; I'm afraid  one of our last ones.

Afterward we went for a drive and picked up the meat from a bear Shannon bagged Thursday evening.  Eric spotted the bear below our house, so he was felt he had done half the hunting...or maybe slightly more!

It was a wonderful evening without school obligations or anything else to spend together as a family.  Often I look around, thinking how short our days are before kiddos begin leaving for college.  I need to treasure family time now even when the noise level is somewhere between a dull roar and utter chaos ~

Hayride ~

Shannon decided this culvert-slide was a perfectly grand idea for our house ~

Come a little closer Daddy...

The maze was little sparse and the corn wasn't very high, 
but it was a glorious night just the same ~

Eric was cursing me for not allowing him to wear his newly acquired cowboy boots.
he certainly could have roped better with them on!

I've always wanted to see my husband swinging a rope ~

My little friend ~

Our friend doing back flips in the straw ~

Pull Kath, pull!

Daddy is so mean ~ he contends he was grabbing Michaela's belt to help her pull back ~
I say nay-nay!

The sun peeking out at us!

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