Thursday, October 18, 2012


All Monday I had an ominous feeling.  I kept blaming it on the weather, rain clouds were blowing over our house and I was not in a good mood.  Mondays can be kind of downers anyway.  It always seems like there is an insurmountable amount of work to be accomplished. But the feeling didn't subside, even at the end of the school day.  Shannon mentioned that possibly I should go work out and cheer up a bit, but Kath still needed help with a book report and laundry needed to be folded.

While we were sitting at the counter, I heard Joshie screaming downstairs.  Since this is a common occurrence I thought nothing of it.  Then he ran into the kitchen holding his thumb yelling, "Mom, I cut my thumb in two pieces!"
Thinking he may be stretching the truth a bit I asked him if I could see it.
Then I wished I hadn't.  Thank heavens Shannon was home.  We raced to the hospital where his injury proved to be a lot better than I had initially thought.  He had sliced his thumb from the tip down to the joint, through the fingernail and everything but there was no bone damage.  Maybe a bit of brain damage, but no bone damage!
He had done all this while trying to make a set of arrows.   Good thing he did not complete that job.

The PA that stitched him up was completely understanding   Upon entering the exam room she asked, "Been doing a bit of whittling, huh?"  Turns out she had four brothers.

Now all the knives have been returned to safekeeping with their father.  Apparently, the boys are not old enough to be in possession of knives, even if they promise they will only use them with permission.  Ugh, it makes me cringe even thinking about it for a moment!  But, all's well that ends well, right?!?

And the ominous had completely disappeared by the time we left the hospital.

Thumbs up ~ at least he still has a thumb!

A day at the oldest park in town ~ 
we played in this tank as children

Ahhhh, fall!

Hmmm, I wonder why the boys are sitting by themselves in the middle of the park?
Could they possibly be in trouble?

An injury didn't keep Joshie from clambering over all the equipment,
despite the claim that his thumb hurt too bad to do his chores.


  1. Oh yikes!
    Does, Josh still have his hand cut? I wish he doesn't.
    Love, Drew

  2. Drew ~ it is pretty much healed up on the outside. We will go into the hospital Monday to remove the stitches.
    Joshie wanted me to take them out right now, but the doctor thought since the cut was so bad they should at least peek at it even if we remove the stitches at home!
    Love, Aunt Allison