Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hunting Season ~ Katherine

I do enjoy hunting season despite not being out in the field.  The stories are so fun to listen to.  The excitement of the ones returning from time spent out in the God's creation with their father makes any inconvenience worthwhile.

This morning Katherine, Michaela, and Shan went out for a morning hunt after the season opener yesterday proved absolutely frustrating.  It was a perfect morning: calm, crisp, sunny.  Of course, I did not witness this, it's all hearsay.  I was sound asleep, snuggled into bed.

Katherine really wanted to shoot a buck, and do it by herself.  After almost turning around to head back to the truck, they spotted a whitetail.  Katherine dropped it with one shot and no assistance from Daddy-O.  Then the work began.  They had to drag it out over hill and vale due to a conflict with a neighboring landowner.  It all made for a more exciting, albeit tiring, time.

Grandpa tootled up into the woods to look for them, thinking he knew where they may meet the trail.  Sure enough, he found them.  I am not sure who was more excited to see him with his little truck, Shannon or Katherine!  We met them at Grandma's house and Katherine had a smile a mile wide.  Nickles was so excited for Katherine.  He just couldn't get enough of all the action.  Seeing all the brothers and sisters happy for a sibling is beautiful.

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