Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happiness Is ~

Happiness is an early snowfall....for Dom, that is!

Happiness is ~ discovering butter lettuce in Costco's produce section ~

Happiness is one of your siblings giving you a pair of scissors when you have to spend an hour and a half in the bathroom working on potty training.
Did you know you can make toilet paper snowflakes???

Happiness is going on a spur-of-the-moment date with your husband and while on said date having him tell you that the song that is playing on the radio always reminds him of you.

Ahhhhh ~

Wait a minute, the song was "She's so Mean."
I was offended, but then he cleared it up...or at least I think he did.
Maybe I should be mad.
Oh well, the date was fun anyway!

Happiness is going horseback riding with your godmother and Mom saying YES when you call her and ask her if you can bring a kitten home.

Happiness is all creatures great and small ~
The Lord God made them ALL!


  1. May I ask why my Godson is sitting on a PINK throne? LOL

    1. Bottom was $6!
      Shannon said the same thing, though, he wanted to draw a couple pistols on the side.