Thursday, April 4, 2013


When we were kids we would travel to Beach, ND at Easter to celebrate with our grandparents.  I vaguely recall it being less than wonderful weather sometimes, but in my memory Easter always seemed glorious.  We would go to early Mass, then have to run some vague errand or take some random detour on our way home from church.  I now realize that we had to give the Easter bunny time to do his business back at Grandma's.  Dad would typically spot a random bunny hopping down the road and threaten to run the Easter bunny over with our big red van.  No wonder we all have a slightly sadistic streak.  

My absolute favorite part of the morning was arriving at Mass.  It must be why I just cannot give up going to early Mass still into my adult life.  It just wouldn't be Easter.  The church is quiet, blissfully so.  It always feels like we are the first ones at the tomb.  The sun is only beginning to light the sky, the birds are just waking up and I can almost feel how the women must have felt as they walked along the path, preparing to anoint Our Savior's body just to discover that He was gone....He had RISEN! 

The peace, the excitement, the joy of the morning fills me up.  

Now, Shannon and I try to create memories with our cherubs.  Their excitement brings back the wonderful childhood memories of going to Grandma's, the long walks in the afternoon, the mad dash for eggs and baskets, the beauty of singing, "Jesus Christ is Risen Today", celebrating new life.  How a bunny was ever incorporated into the Easter festivities I don't know, but as long as our day is Christ-centered I frankly don't care!

Waiting for the starting gate to open

Almost all the cousins...

Sweet Louis...someone put a chickie on his highchair

Eric looking suave ~

Dom, running for the next egg ~

We thanked God for the sunshine ~

And for cousins ~

And for plenty of eggs to search for ~

And for sweet little Kelton ~

And for Grandma & Grandpa's fantastic yard ~
Good thing Dad never ran over the Easter bunny, otherwise he wouldn't be still getting a basket!

And beautiful eggs ~

Most of all, the precious gift of FAMILY ~

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  1. Loved the Easter well put.
    What we have to be many memories
    and all the family to celebrate with!