Sunday, April 21, 2013

Annika's First Communion

Last Sunday we celebrated Annika's First Communion.  She was so excited to receive Jesus, but possibly just as excited to wear a beautiful dress!  And curl her hair. And feel special all day.
But at the end of the day she knew that Jesus had come to visit her in an amazing way.
This past Friday when we attended daily Mass she bounced out of bed quicker than a wink at 5:45 a.m. so she could receive her 2nd Communion...and, this morning, same thing to receive her 3rd Communion.  I tried to remember back to that long ago day, when did I stop counting?  
She was blessed with her godfather, grandparents and a very special "old" lady coming to Mass to celebrate with us.  Kathy, I wish we had snapped a picture of you two!

Annika, remember Jesus is in you each and every time you receive Him!     

Preparing for Mass ~

I am so excited, I just can't stop smiling!!

All lined up with fellow 2nd graders

I love watching the chaos while preparing for a group picture,
next time I should video just to watch later!

Everyone looking perfectly angelic...
except what happened in the back right corner?

Annika and our parish priest and friend, Monsignor O'neill~

Annika and her godfather, Uncle Joey ~ 
We missed you Auntie Margaret, but Stacy was a great proxy!

Then after brunch, presents ~
What a beautiful day! 

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