Saturday, April 13, 2013

Springtime in Montana

Spring is one of those seasons, you either love it or hate it in our house. For me, it depends on the day, and sometimes even the moment.  I love the smell of wet earth, but sometimes the cleaning up after my kiddos have played in it all afternoon is overwhelming.  The return of the meadowlarks and sandhill cranes is magnificent.  There is something about the meadowlark's song that lifts my soul, summer is just around the corner.  Trading winter coats for lighter jackets is another springtime bonus.  But the new life that abounds is the absolute best thing about spring.  The calves in the fields, the chicks that we hatch, and this year, the baby lambs at our neighbor's!

The first one was born on Holy Thursday and Annika was given the task of naming him.  She named him Paschal and our friends thought that was such a perfect name that Annika was told to name all the rest.  Since then, Almond and Joy, Cookies and Cream, Hansel and Gretel, Margaret and Joey have arrived.  The first one was the only singleton, the rest were twins, making the naming process so very fun. 
Just so you know, Margaret, your namesake is a boy and Joey's is a girl!

We did have a day of spring skiing, but after a person has been wearing shorts around, skiing just doesn't hold the same allure.  It was a fun day with Grandma and we were able to get a peek at Anya and Colette skiing.  Bluebird skies made for a beautiful day! 

Today it is snowing again, typical Montana, so we will hunker down and wait for better weather that should arrive in a day or so.  We could always crank up the Christmas music, pretend that it's December again, and bake cookies!  Mmmmm, that sounds like a grand idea ~

Eating outside is a sure sign of spring ~

Poor Eric, I only snapped one picture, 
he was so disappointed his eyes were closed!

Riding the tram down ~
talk about an uncomfortable ride UP! 
We were packed in...a person could have went through their neighbor's 
pockets without being noticed!

~ My current view from the kitchen window ~
A baking day indeed!

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