Friday, July 12, 2013


Every summer I try to get pics of the kids for the wall.  This year it was crazy.crazy!  I still need to take the older girls and redo Annika's.  Annika was too ready to go play with her cousins to actually look like herself. Oh yes, and Joshie's too. He had been playing in the tall grass and honestly, I kinda forgot he was waiting he had been so quiet.
So there were tears.
By the time we were taking his picture he looked rather dreadful, bloodshot eyes and all.

Dom is always ready to pose, although it is rarely a picture I would frame for the wall!
He has his own style and it ain't quite presentable.

Mom, this is my normal look.

Come on, Mom, this would be funny!

Isn't this better???

The grass was so fun to play in, 
Joshie disappeared for half an hour and with my short memory, 
forgot he was waiting.
Since I am not good with Photoshop, we'll just retake some happier pictures!

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  1. Your children are so beautiful - tears and silly poses and all. It's remarkable how much your kids have grown. The other day I couldn't remember Joshie's name - can't tell you why I was trying to. All I could think was "My Buddy" because that's what your mom called him - back when he was Dom or Nickles age. I could see him being so well behaved sitting with your mom. Hope you are feeling well! loveyoumeanit...