Friday, July 5, 2013

The News

Lately I cannot read the news without becoming quite angry.  It seems our country is being lost to special interests and is no longer the place envisioned by our forefathers.  While reading history with my children it seems so clear that we are headed in the wrong direction if we want to survive and thrive into the future.  While despairing over leaving this country to our children I turned on Relevant Radio last week; how very relevant it was this day!  Almost immediately I heard, "Too often we are overwhelmed by the country that is being left to our children.  Let's not focus on that so much but focus instead on the children we are leaving for our country."

Now I need to rededicate myself to educating my children.  One is interested in bioethics, another in constitutional out, there are six more to come.  And since we're not closing the door to God's will in our life, there may be more!  It's not the career fields they choose that encourages me.  Wherever they are planted, they will influence their peers.  

Last week I decided I am no longer going to read the news, if anything truly newsworthy occurs Shannon will apprise me.

Highly unlikely that it will be necessary.

At the very least I am taking the month of July off!  Only fun things with my children and pictures to show for it.  Okay, we'll still do chores....character formation, you know!  

To begin with...the four youngest , a cousin and a trip to Silverwood Theme Park
Picnics in new parks are so diverting!

A mouthful of pizza ~

Mmmmhmmm ~

Wearing off energy built up in the car ~

Muscles ~

And sandcastles ~

Hittin' the hay with Animal Planet ~
I had the other bed to myself ~:o)

Joshie was the only one to stick it out waiting in line for the bumper cars ~

A helicopter ride ~ 

On to the bumper boats...a much better ride for a sweltering day ~

The Red Baron and his copilot ~

Evening swims are simply the BEST!

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  1. Wow - can I come hang out with you for July?!? Looks like your fun is off to a great start.

    And I like the perspective from Relevant Radio. I agree that the news is usually not so life-affirming! loveyoumeanit...