Monday, July 29, 2013

A Good Day ~

We have a busy week again.  I kinda want to keep it filled up to avoid thinking too much, dwelling on worst-case scenarios.  Today was busy, but in the meantime my heart was filled right up!  We are loved so much. From the little notes I received throughout the day, to our OB whisking me right in when I needed to see if our little guy was still alive, to Father Stu turning on a gut-busting comedy while visiting him just because he knew I needed a laugh, it was good to feel the support of family and friends.  

Dom wanted to take his cousin for a "birthday day" that he had planned.  I'm not entirely sure if Dom planned events he enjoyed or things he thought Tristen would enjoy.  If you have ever marched to the beat of a 5-year-old for a day you know there is not too much of anything serious goin' on.  We began by going to the carousel.

Then, we grabbed pizza and pop and blueberries (my way of trying to sneak something healthy into the day) and headed to a park.  After an hour or so swinging and climbing and sliding they thought they were done with that brand of fun.  

Not to end their day too soon, they decided The Big Dipper was the next destination to grab ice cream. After running up and down the walking mall, climbing under bushes, over rocks and sliding down the fire pole, home sounded like a good idea.

Sommer came to the rescue and took them home to play for a while before dinner.  They thought they were going to swim, but today wasn't really a swimming day.  It was a bit chilly, but not chilly enough to prevent after-dinner ice cream cones!

Thank you to everyone who has been rallying behind us.  We have certainly not been alone on this journey and it has been very palpable to me each day!
Thank you for walking beside us, being Simon, helping us carry our cross.

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