Monday, December 16, 2013

Maximo News

These past few weeks have been a blur ~ sleep deprivation, coupled with the busy-ness of the season haven't left much time for anything really.  But, I keep reminding myself ~ and I mean it every.single.time ~ I will give it all up.....sleep, extra time, skiing, be holding my baby!

The little man was 5 lbs 9 oz as of last Thursday.  We decided he has now graduated from "krill" to "shrimp." He is nursing exclusively at the moment as we are trying to get rid of his upset tummy and it seems to be working. The extra formula that we'd boost my milk with seemed to be bothering him.  Hopefully, he will gain what he needs to this week so that there is no need to return to supplementing.

Sleepin' with Daddy ~ at least Daddy's sleepin'! 

Soooo ~ this little outfit kinda reminded us of a prison suit after we put it on ~ 
Daddy taped St. Maximilian Kolbe's prison number on Max and sent a picture to Fr. Stu

Isn't he just so cute??

 Annika certainly thinks so ~

Just chillin' on the counter while Mommy makes dinner ~

The only wonderful thing about bottles is Max's brothers and sisters can feed him at times ~
Anyone that says bottles are the way to go hasn't nursed!

Our little stocking stuffer ~

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  1. He's so cute and tiny! But fully alert with those beautiful eyes. I love the pictures of Annika holding him - she certainly loves the babies!