Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Michaela's Buck

Michaela had a special buck tag this year.  Unfortunately, there wasn't a ton of time to scout the area and hunt a lot.  A rancher from the area made the hunting much easier for Michaela and Shannon as he knew what was going on family-wise and allowed them pretty much free rein on his property.  It helped that his son worked for Shannon last summer.  Now we just need to deliver some of Michaela's scrumptious cinnamon rolls to them!

On the final day of the season she bagged a decent buck, and while he may not be the largest trophy in the woods, she has a story that can't really grow as the years pass ~ it was that wild and crazy.
And that's what hunting is really about....the memories!

1 comment:

  1. You're going to leave it like that?!?! What's the story? Michaela???
    Enjoy all them good eats - you might see Thomas at your table some night, as he and his brother didn't go this year. loveyoumeanit....