Sunday, December 15, 2013


As seems the case every time we gain a new addition in our family, the youngest seems to grow up over night.  Just prior to Max making his debut, Nickles asked if baby Max could come out and play for a while. This was right after he was convinced he could no longer see because his eyes were so tightly squeezed together while taking a bath.

The guys and their babies

Now that we are all home, Nickles always has some commentary.  I guess he always has, but now he states it all with such authority....or something.

Friday I decided all the kids needed flu shots.  At the moment it seemed perfectly logical to drag eight kids and a husband to the doctor's office.  After signing everyone in, Shan took four into one room, while I sat with the other 4 in an adjoining room.  Just as Dom was preparing to receive his shot, Nickles let out a bloodcurdling scream while receiving his.  That did nothing to comfort Dominic.  They both were given Bugs Bunny bandaids, which should have been reward enough, as I never buy character bandaids.  Later in the evening, Nickles was looking at his when he abruptly tore it off.  Kath asked him why he removed it.  He replied, "Because I don't like that Dr. Lady."  

And I should have been suspicious when Nickles was washing his hands on his own.  Knowing he can't hold Max without washing up, he was just being a good boy.  The next thing I knew he was picking up the little guy who had been sunning on the living room floor.  "Mom, I'm fine. I've got it."

Uh, no you don't. Or at least you shouldn't.  

Then, there is the nursing discussion.  It happens every time after a new child arrives. Nickles was sitting there observing and you could almost see the wheels turning in his little head.  
"If I didn't have teeth....." 
"Nickles, if you want to try a bottle, you can."
He jumped at the chance and now that issue is resolved. It was not his favorite.

He arrived in the kitchen today to announce that Max was thirsty.  Because I wanted to see what he was thinking I asked him what I should do about it.
"Umm, get some water from these," pointing to his chest.  

Then, at dinner, a friend sent Papa Murphy's pizza and brownies out.  Nickles was in heaven eating pizza til Daddy brought the brownies over.  He immediately ditched the pizza, which he love-love-loves, in favor of a brownie.  Who knew life was that simple!

Shannon congratulates Max every time he has a nice burp after eating.  It seems appropriate at the age when that is one of the only things he can do well.  Unfortunately, Nickles has picked up on this so we are now having to retrain him.  Belching is NOT a good thing when one is almost 4 years old.

Max is not quite ready to play ~

Happy Feast Day Nickles ~

A simple reminder that I live in a house full of children ~
No more clean windows!


  1. So you're serving up water, huh? That is always such a funny phase. I remember when Monica was born and Mia talked about feeding from the "pits" - evidently Grammy fed her dog from her pits, too. Hope you are all healthy, happy, and ready for a terrific Christmas! loveyoumeanit...

  2. I love the water comment, Josef tells people I feed klaus with my balls, which always ends up with a startled/confused/embarrassed look from the other party-lol I love how funny 3 year old boys can be! Maris;)