Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Nicholas has been cracking us up lately.  It is his age for sure. I would love to bottle his energy and record every entertaining thing he did and said, while happily forgetting his naughtiness.  Today I was trying to track down a burning smell in the house when I happened upon Nickles with the plug removed from the bathroom sink, the drain filled with pistachio shells, (thank you Grandma) while he tried to dig them out with my curling iron.  It was a mess.  I may or may not have uttered a profanity, which may or may not have been repeated the following day by Nicholas.  And the burning smell....that was never located.

Dom and Nickles love their cousins Kolby and Tristen, but Dom has learned to not ask me quite so much about having them over. Nickles, not so much.  
"Mom, Aunt Chummer isn't calling me, so I need to call her.  I wiwy need to.  Twisten is coming to the beach with me and sweeping in my bed. I need to talk to her."
This conversation goes on all day long.

At night, wandering into the kitchen right before bed, "Mom, I'll have a peanut butter sandwich, banana and coffee."
"Uh, no you won't.  This isn't Perkins."

Randomly stated in the middle of the day, "Mom, I wiwy wike you.  Actually, I wiwy wike girls."

Since Nicholas received a Captain America costume for his birthday, he believes he has acquired super powers.  He has also realized that when Mom is nursing he can pretty much get away with anything because Mom isn't going to (typically) disturb Maximo to discipline someone.  While I was feeding the little guy the other day, I asked Captain America to use his humongous muscles to scoot the laundry basket into the laundry room.
He responded, "Captain America doesn't do dose things."
When I insisted that he did so do those jobs he told me to count to 10 and he'd be back.
Unfortunately, at that moment Captain America's nemesis arrived on the scene....Dad.
Captain America was stripped of his superpowers immediately.

"I can't wait to be just like you, Nickles."

As frustrating as it can be to raise this little guy, I do realize how finite this time is....okay, okay, maybe not in the moment, but shortly thereafter.  The hilarity certainly makes up for the little tornado that he can be!  

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  1. I love him! That must be smart 3/4 year olds- I have one of those on my hands as well. He sure makes the days interesting. Maris