Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sisters ~

Growing up I was always a bit envious that Maria and Theresa were so close and had one another for friends.  Now, watching my two girls I love seeing their friendship blossom.

We had a rule that the kids couldn't attend dances til they were sophomores, but rules are made to be broken.  As the Christmas dance at St. Andrew's approached, Michaela began negotiating for Katherine tagging along and they were on eBay searching for dresses together whenever they had a chance. 
"Mom, it's my last year and I want to go together.  I know I didn't get to go til later, but I don't care if it's fair or not."
 How could a Mom and Dad say no to that? 

It filled my heart up, knowing that my girls are not only sisters, but friends for life!  

Sisters ~
Michaela is slightly annoyed that Katherine is looking a shave taller than her.

The girls are blessed with two Aunties that are much more talented 
than their mother in the fashion department.  
They left for the dance with impeccable nails and salon-worthy hair ~

Best friends and cousins ~
Life is Good ~

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  1. Wow - don't they look so beautiful and grownup! It hardly seems that long ago that I was their age, though I know I've doubled it. Sisterhood really is a wonderful thing, though I don't remember arguing for rules to be broken for mine. What love!