Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas 2013

Wow ~ what a busy couple weeks.  Between a complete lack of sleep and the typical holiday craziness I am ready for...and I cannot believe I am actually saying to begin!  We can begin ski season then! Kath and Michaela hold a couple ski passes after the holidays, so they are rarin' to go.  

Christmas was wonderful.  We were blessed to attend Midnight Mass which we typically don't do because of the time.  Everyone was slightly exhausted the following day, but it was a good exhausted.  Shannon awoke to Nickles telling him he had just gotten sick so that was a bit of a bummer, but I think Shannon may have enjoyed staying at home and relaxing with his little buddy for the evening.

We have continued to celebrate the Christmas season with visits with cousins and get-togethers.  It has been relaxing for sure, yet a little crazy!  

Our Advent wreath~ preparing our hearts for Christmas ~

                                                              Making toffee for Uncle Steve ~

Lessons & Carols at the Cathedral ~

Showing off baby Max ~

Why use a meat mallet when we can just pound the meat with our fists ~

Eric strumming his guitar ~

Wow ~ just what a boy loves ~ an Iron Man mask ~
They were all jealous!

Our bestest Christmas gift ~

Whippin' up a batch of fudge for St. Nick ~

Christmas Eve dinner...simple & delicious ~

Smoked salmon from Alaska....mmmmm!

The chaos begins ~

Just what I wanted a fishing rod!

Oh, Auntie Margaret, I LOVE this jacket!

Snuggled in ~

Ready to hit the slopes ~
Hopefully the cafeteria won't distract me this year ~

A special box from Grandpa Bell & Linda

Not feeling too hot ~

Going for an exerting walk/field trip ~

Hot tubbin' it redneck style ~

Singing our hearts out while making cookies ~

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