Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Sheltered Life

Some would say our children are a bit sheltered.
Frankly, I like it that way.
I like that upon seeing a billboard of Oprah Winfrey this morning, Katherine said, "Mom, I didn't know Oprah was black!"
It has nothing to do with color, it has everything to do with the insignificance of "celebrities" in our life.

As we were discussing the Olympics and what events we would like to watch, Eric thought that the cannonball contests would be much more interesting than synchronized diving.  We may have all looked at him like he had been hit by a cannonball!
Seriously, a cannonball contest?
I thought those only occurred at our pond!  A little redneck perhaps, tons of fun too, but certainly not an Olympic event.

It is good that we are a bit sheltered, although at times I would like to stretch our wings and fly a bit more!  God forbid that our lives be written in the tabloids or that we'd model our lives after the characters on most magazine covers.
I will treasure our sheltered life and the good laughs that it provides.

I'd better go and sit with my children to watch a couple Olympic events...the cannonball may have been added as a legitimate event this year!
Can you just hear it, "So, how high do you think the water went on that entrance, Bob?"
"I'm not sure, but his form, it was AMAZING!"

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