Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bittersweet 4th

In our family the 4th of July was always a double celebration. We celebrated the birth of our country but more importantly (to us) the birth of two siblings, Theresa and Joey.  Fireworks were synonymous with their birthdays and our country's independence perhaps a bit of a side note.

Last 4th of July we were full of hope for Theresa's recovery from leukemia.  This year we buried her.
It was bittersweet, realizing in such a tangible way, yet again, that she is not here in this life with us any longer.  But, just as it was a difficult day it granted me a sense of closure that she is now buried, now at rest.

The day was filled with the typical busy-ness of our family.  We enjoyed dinner with my parents amid a conversation about the state of the union and whether what it has become today is what our forefathers envisioned.  It has been no-so-subtly suggested that I avoid the subject of politics this year to save my sanity, but this was a good conversation.  And I believe (quite strongly, I might add) that it develops critical thinking skills in our children to be privy to political and/or religious discussions.

The evening ended surrounded by friends and neighbors at a nearby ranch where they hold an annual  fireworks show.  As a teenager I worked on this ranch and just walking through the yard and fields brought back floods of good memories!  

Annika made a patriotic fruit pizza...yum!

Waiting for it to be dark enough for fireworks ~

Joshie & Colette ~

"You hop up on that tall rock, Anya."

Are these bales just for sitting?

There are so many uses for hay bales!

Kath & Colette

It's FINALLY dark enough for the show to begin!

I'm not sure who enjoyed the fireworks m,ore, Shannon or the kiddos~

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