Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Suffering & Loss

This past week brought news everyone dreads.  Our nephew lost his life in a tragic accident.  One immediately places themselves in the shoes of the parents. It has been difficult to not be overprotective of my own children, watching their every move, making sure they didn't take any missteps, hovering about like a hummingbird.
It has been painful to explain the course of events to our children, to answer all their, "Why's?"
Shannon's birthday was a day later and no one was quite sure that it was appropriate to celebrate.  It felt like the world should stop turning, everyone should pause for a time to grieve.
But, at the same time, rationally we know that life must continue.
And for Shannon's sister and brother-in-law it will.  Watching Shannon's sister broke my heart.  She is amazingly strong, an oak, even though certainly she must not feel like it.  Witnessing her strength blessed me as she simply makes her way through the days by an act of the will.
Michaela has probably been struggling the most, with Kath a close second.  This, coupled with losing Auntie Theresa, has made them realize how fragile life is.  It is a lesson I would have preferred they not learn til later in life, to shelter them longer.  But, as one of Shannon's cousins stated, "Life is for the living.  We honor them by really living."  
So, we will continue to cherish this day.  
Maybe we'll go fishing ~ being near the water is always a good way to reflect on life.

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