Monday, July 2, 2012

Triathlon Pics

This morning dawned...and I'm talking 4:00 am dawn because neither Katherine or I were sleeping...windy as the dickens.  Wind is what I was dreading, as it would make for choppy water and a difficult bike ride. 
Some 2,961 Hail Marys later the wind died down to a strong breeze.  
All I am going to say is there is a lot of room for improvement in a triathlon later in the summer.  
I just need to find one that allows wetsuits.  It was my saving grace, despite making me look like a a sausage!

Margaret's advice to jump in with the best of them 
will be ignored next time ~:o)  
I must have drunk a gallon of water as 90 people surged past

Uncle John smoked  through the water to give Kath a good start in the relay.

Thank HEAVENS that part is over !

Grandma & Kath after completing their bike race ~

The ride back to the transition area was super fast, 
mostly downhill with the pesky wind at our back ~

And this is the last time moment I was ahead of Gabe ~
he rocked!

i can't wait to jump in the lake, i can't wait to jump in the lake, i can't wait to jump in the lake, 
jump in the lake, jump in the lake, jump in the lake
jump lake, jump lake, jump lake, jump lake......
yeah, I didn't fare so well on the run ~

Mom & her many 60-year-olds can rock out a 
13 mile bike ride after only a couple practice rides?!?

Okay, so I am not sure what the heck I was thinking on this pose, but it is so stupid it's hilarious!
Gabe was amazing, deciding to participate with me to honor Theresa just last week!

Katherine with her team.  They did quite well, 
taking 2nd place in the relay ~

This is the group that Theresa originally inspired in so many different ways! 

Mom, Kath and myself ~
next year Shannon and Dad, you're on! 

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