Thursday, July 19, 2012

Breakin' the Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy is going broke tonight....all in one stop.  Three children were given deadlines this week to get teeth out.  This morning I found them in the bathroom with assorted tools (pliers, leathermen, nut picks, etc.) lots of toilet paper pieces and the radio blasting.  What the radio had to do with anything I have yet to determine.  Maybe it was to drown the noise of teeth breaking loose...who knows?!?
Daddy had to free the last one as Annika was near tears throughout dinner.  Daddy is the sneakiest tooth-puller ever, a good flick and it's over!
Katherine parted with two teeth.
Hopefully four teeth won't weight the fairy's chariot down ~

Dentist Katherine

Cups lined up awaiting the tooth fairy

Crooked, gapped smiles ~ it's kinda sad!

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