Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Funnies

"Mom, I'm going to invent a gun that shoots eggs," Dom states during one lazy afternoon.  He clearly has too much time on his hands.  

Annika while driving to town one morning, "Mom, did you dream of being a princess?"  

Eric has been thinking of what he wants to do for a career lately.  One night, as serious as can be he states, "Mom, I need to get a job so I can pay for college, so I can become a vet, so I can buy a ranch, then I can take care of my own animals too."
~ insert long pause ~
"Actually, I think I'll marry a vet, then I'll buy a ranch and she can take care of the animals and I can do the ranch work. Yeah, that makes more sense.  It would be way more cost effective."  

I've been trying to cut back on laundry.  I have a horrid habit of running around the house, grabbing whatever clothing is lying on the floor and tossing it into laundry baskets just for the sake of a semi-clean home. So, I've begun giving the clothes the smell test.....until I cleaned Nickles' room tonight.  I stood there holding a pair of undies. Reason got the better of me and I decided that 4-year-old's underwear does not a full laundry load make, tossing them in the washer. 

Nicholas asks, "Mom, do babies get nilp (milk) in your heart?"  

Nickles was helping prepare a chicken for dinner.  He was cutting the plastic bag off the bird when he asked, "Mom, why is this chicken so weird?"  
"Well, because it had its head cut off and all its feathers plucked out." 
By this time he had the chicken uncovered and was examining it closely, "Where do they go potty?" 
I hate it when one question only begets another.  I simply do not have answers for that kid.    

Returning to the car after dropping something at a friend's house Nickles informs me, "Mom, I tried to feed Max some nilp from my tummy, but it didn't work."
Frankly, I don't even want to know the whole story.

Pulling up to Giant Springs in Great Falls, Nickles exclaimed, "Oh thank you, Mom, for bringing me to Great Falls!"  

"Mom, I don't want your right hand, I want to hold your wrong hand," as Nickles and I walked into the grocery store.

And, yes, there are more funny things that come from a 4-year-old mouth than a 15-year-old's.
Thank God, I guess, because if Kath or Michaela were saying some of these things it would be proof positive that homeschooling wasn't working.

I about died when Nickles brought a half-dead mouse in
that Bella kindly left on our doormat.  
Shortly thereafter, after being told that the mouse needed to be taken outside, 
we discovered him cuddled up under a blanket in his bed with it.
~ Yuck ~

Crackin' peanuts for breakfast ~ 
He is self sufficient.

For days, whenever there was a break in schoolwork the kiddos headed outside with the tent-sheets.  
The sheets magically incorporated themselves into all sorts of play.
I'm not sure what they were here, but I think they look a little like the elves in Lord of the Rings.
It is moments like these that I'm thankful for living in the country.
I'd hate to explain to the neighbors some of the stuff witnessed out my windows!


  1. Thanks for the funnies! I really have been looking forward to them since Tuesday. Your kids crack me up. Hope you are enjoying a beautiful fall up there! loveyoumeanit....

  2. I love the nilp tummy! Awesome