Friday, October 10, 2014

This and That

One of our favorites ~ it's supposed to be read with a Cajun accent.
It always cracks me up when Shannon attempts that!

Daddy literally giving Eric a lift up to the house ~

Why we live where we do ~

He's just so darn cute ~ 
And I know that is not humble!

My four-year-old cutting the head off a salmon....with a butter knife.
I just couldn't do it, so Nickles came to the rescue.

Max discovers the bookshelf ~
Life altering....for me and Max ~

There are insects randomly discovered in containers throughout our house.
Hairy spiders clinging to jar lids, grasshoppers leaping from their prison when an unsuspecting person (me) decides to wash a container, stink bugs in baggies that have been returned to the bag drawer for later use, miscellaneous creatures frozen for the sake of.....I wouldn't really label it science.....but for the sake of something, I suppose.  
As I write this, he put a grasshopper in with a toe-biter, just to see if the toe-biter would eat it.
It did.  
Next on the menu....spider.  
At least he's emptying the containers.
This summer Nickles froze a grasshopper in the freezer, but kindly placed a straw down to its head so it could breathe while it was "fweezin' to def."


I'm dreading the day I serve someone a glass of water with a frozen bug in it.  

Just for anyone that thinks there is no such thing as a toebiter, there is.  It's scientific name is Lethocerus americanus.  
And it kills its victims by injecting them with digestive enzymes, then sucking their insides out.  
Apparently, it is pretty painful when it bites a human.  What better bug for a little boy to have as a pet? 

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  1. Wow - my fear of spiders just diminished a little - now I'm afraid of toe-biters! Will you ask your little entymologist to find out if they live in New Mexico?