Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Celebrate ~ Use That China!

We were eating dinner with my bro-in-law, John, (Theresa's husband)  last week.  I was setting the table, but was not sure which dishes to use.  He was showing me this set of silverware and that set of ordinary plates.
He mentioned their "good" dishes that they never used in an off-hand manner, then mumbled, "A lot of good that did....saving them."

Yesterday was the Feast of Saint Joseph, so it seemed appropriate to celebrate ~ not just with a nice dinner, but with the china.  Annika and Dom were ecstatic when I told them to use the china.  They didn't even mind setting the table.  Then, they whisked out the name tags to complete the setting!

Now I have another resolution to live life better ~
Use the china ~ go ahead, drag it out, dust it off.
Make life elegant.
And if a piece breaks know that there are many replacements on eBay!