Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hatching Chickens #2

Sooo ~ we candled the eggs Wednesday evening and they all looked empty to my hurried and unrefined eye. We placed them back in the incubator to deal with the following morning.
Joshie & I decided it would be good to crack one open to see if it was even fertilized, thus indicating whether we had a rooster issue or an incubator issue.  As soon as the egg broke I knew we had made a mistake.  In the middle of the container was the smallest of chics with its' heart beating rapidly away.
This sight cued an immediate response from Josh, "You killed the baby chicken, Mom!"
The thought briefly crossed my mind to open another egg so the other kiddos could see what a miracle LIFE is, (any life, even a little ole chicken)  but decided against it.
I could only handle playing the villain once and besides it seemed a bit, well, just wrong.

This is a not-so-good picture of an egg ~ The chic is the dark spot in the egg.
We could see the veins growing along the interior of the shell but they didn't photo well.
Kath thinks she saw the chic wiggling a little bit.  

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