Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring ~

It is officially springtime in the mountains.
The weather cannot decide whether to rain or snow, often doing both simultaneously, my boys are frantic to escape outdoors every day, Shannon is itching to burn piles of brush, and I am dreaming (quite literally) of a new landscape project.
Last night's dream is way beyond our scope this year, but it sure looked good ~ in my dreams anyway ~:o)
Maybe I will just have to settle for a new sandbox.  Of course that will be for the kids, not me!

Yesterday Shannon decided to burn.  Nothing sings spring quite like burning ~ I am not sure why, it just does.  Robins were chirping away, boys were having sword fights, the girls were poking absentmindedly at the coals, Shannon was envisioning all the new wildlife that would be on our property this year since we were clearing feeding space for them.  I thought he was cleaning brush up just for me, but alas, he had an ulterior motive.

Mmmm, new willows will bring in more moose ~
That's the idea anyway ~

If I hide behind this willow, Mom won't notice me drinking her hot chocolate ~

Hot dogs only taste good outside !

Nicholas just jammed his fourth dog in his mouth.....yyyyuck.

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