Monday, March 19, 2012

Hatching Chicken Eggs #1

We are hatching chicken eggs for Easter.
Ideally, the little peeps will poke out of their shells on Easter Sunday but since things rarely happen quite as planned in this household, we may be a day or so off.

The topic of whether we should hatch more chickens has been the topic of conversation for many a night 'round the dinner table.  Now that we are committed to more chickens we must begin building a larger and better chicken coop.

Heck, we should hatch a few dozen more and build a barn!

We think the large egg may be a "double yolker" which would mean twin chicks. 
We have read that the success rate of hatching these is pretty low, 
so we shall see what happens.  

Midweek we are going to candle the eggs to see which ones are developing.  We will post pictures of that soon after.

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