Friday, June 29, 2012


So I am realizing that I probably didn't train enough for the upcoming triathlon Sunday.  I postponed swim practice for so long that it will be me, the breast stroke, my guardian angel, and sheer determination...or possibly a strong desire to avoiding drowning.  My brother, Gabe, has been convinced to participate too, so at least we'll have one another for encouragement while we swim.
Of course no one will want to be anywhere around us as the breast stroke just simply is not a group friendly stroke.
Maybe this will work to our advantage!

Katherine has organized a team and will be doing the biking part.  She is so nervous she is ready to curl up in a ball and sleep til Sunday.  Michaela is ditching us, though, and heading to Spokane with cousins to cheer them on in a basketball tournament.  Maybe I should have went with her ~:o) Although I do like how muscley my legs are looking!
Okay,so that's vain.

Last year I was determined to practice more, to be completely and totally ready to rock this tri, to swim freestyle and finish up with a 7 minute mile.'s just not going to happen.
There are too many weeds below me in the pond and there could be some sort of creature that would devour me if I make eye contact so it is just better to keep my face out of the water.
That's my excuse for the swimming, there simply isn't one for the running, other than I get really bored running.

Katherine's anxiety finally broke me down and we went and practiced the actual ride she will be biking Sunday.  Now she is ready to roll, or at least can function normally.  She told me the only reason I am not anxious is because I have had 38 years of practice being nervous.
If she only knew!

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