Thursday, June 7, 2012

Alaska Trip #5

Ahhhhh, this was an awesome vacation.  I was so worried while packing that things would be disastrous.
And they simply weren't.
I learned many new things about whales, magicians, food, and how one keeps a pedicure or manicure looking wonderful for an extended period of time...they don't do anything!
Okay, I don't know if that is true or not, but by the end of a week not doing dishes, laundry, cleaning up random messes or really doing ~~~~Anything ~~~~At ~~~~All ~~~~
My toenails looked like I had just polished them and I actually had a full set of white fingernails!
It was amazing!
Well, not really amazing but I definitely felt pampered!

So, movin' right along.
The next day we went to Skagway.  Shannon sent most of the kiddos on a wagon tour of town while we decided what we were going to do for the rest of the day.

I am not sure the horse had ever pulled such a load!

Travelling up White's Pass

Canadian rest area...not that there was any resting here!

In town it was downright nice, but up here it was frigid ~

~Not cold enough to keep my boys out of the water, though!

I received huge bouquets of dandelions which is thought by some to be the Alaska state flower.

Dom spent so much time with his nose stuffed in dandelions that his face was 
yellow for the rest of the day ~

And Annika thought they made perfect little boats to sail downstream.

Of course, my family spotted the money that some previous hiker either 
dropped or threw into the creek. 
If they were making a wish, while they probably didn't 
receive theirs, it made my cherubs' day!

I just love taking pictures of him when he is totally unaware ~

A perfect little beach on our walk back to the ship absolutely delighted the boys and 
fulfilled their need to get filthy, filthy, filthy... know the kind where it is still being washed out of their pockets~

We passed by this perfect little lighthouse late in the evening.
Wouldn't this be a perfect place to hibernate all winter?
Okay, maybe not!

Mom, look at how many of us there are !

Grandma!  You are the best card player ever!

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  1. To My Dear Allison, I just finished your 5 days of posting our time together cruising the Alaskan coast....and I loved it..... thank you for the memories you helped make for me. It was such a happy time...just "being together" for a week...and not to mention what a great tour guide we did have...though in brief moments he almost buckled on us. Hurray for Dad! I love you! Mom