Monday, June 25, 2012

Child at Heart

I am not sure if Shannon lacked excitement in his life growing up or if he just hasn't really entirely grown up yet.  Whatever the case may be, he provides some mighty fine times for our cherubs.
This weekend he brought a Gradall lift home.  After he completed his chores with it, learning how to use it etc. he thought it may be exciting to raise it above the pond so we could all jump off a few times.
I conceded that my kiddos are far braver than I when they had no qualms about jumping 20+ feet and I was more comfortable with, say, five feet.
After all I did have to help the littles jump off and they didn't want to jump too high ~:o)

Shannon wasn't too excited about letting me run the lift so he could partake in the fun.  For some reason he was concerned I would drive it into the pond, which certainly would have been a travesty.  But after watching the kids he changed his mind and let me operate it for a couple hours.  Although Shannon will disagree that he played that long, my left hip is sunburned to prove I was just sitting there for quite a long time!

Of course it all began quite close to the water ~
Bit by bit, the leaps became higher and higher ~

Even Annika, who a couple years ago was quite content sitting playing
with dolls, was in the thick of it!

Nickles wanted to go with the big kids...
...and was excited AFTERWARDS!

For some of us sunbathing is simply the best ~

"Hello, Grandma, I jumped in the water and I was so brave and
I am rowing around in our pond....."

Higher, Dad ~

Coastguard to your service ~

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