Sunday, June 3, 2012

Alaska Trip #2

The next day we were blessed with a beautiful day.  While we were having breakfast we met a family that was in the Seattle area to celebrate their sister's 90th birthday.   As the kids blessed themselves and prayed before eating they all began whispering.  Later I had the opportunity to visit with them.  They were all Catholic and shared with me what a blessing it had been for them growing up in large families, having large families themselves, while living their faith wherever they were at.  

Not that I am always such a good example, but their encouragement was edifying. 

Then we jumped (okay, we actually drove) on a ferry and headed straight into downtown Seattle.  

And there our ship was docked.  It seemed crazy huge and we were excited to board, but first we had to explore downtown Seattle for a couple hours.  We didn't get much accomplished, but did get a peek at the least enough to want to return !

My cherubs and I with my childhood friend and her cherubs!
When we were growing up one would never believe we'd have cherubs for children ~;o)

REI, where Dom claimed to be exhausted! 

Pike's Place Market in front of all the amazing flowers.

Gazing for jellyfish ~

Fish-n-Chips on the wharf, something that for some reason or another 
Shannon has always has wanted to do.  

Don't tell him, but they tasted the same as anywhere else!

Finally, boarding the ship ~

Preparing to sail ~

After we left port the decks emptied and we pretty much had them to ourselves.
Hearty Montana folks we are...we like the wind, or at least we are used to it!

This one was too funny ~ it is Shannon's oyster "bite."
While fishing eels out of holes at the tide pools an oyster fell from a rock and cut his hand!


Good night!

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