Monday, June 11, 2012


Joshie is one of the most newsworthy children in our family. I hope this does not carry over into his adult life!  It's just that something is continually happening to or with the child.  
This morning (and I only witnessed this in my peripheral vision) we were leaving a park that had a low chain link fence around it.  Everyone was racing to the suburban to claim their favorite seat when Josh decided to take a shortcut and jump the fence.  
Unfortunately, his shoelace caught on a wire and he went down
With an, "Ooooomf."
Flat on his back, his foot still hung up on the top of the fence.
It was immediately apparent that his pride was more damaged than his body given that he landed on rain soaked grass. 
To add insult to injury I had to pinch myself to keep from laughing...actually everyone did.  The sight of him lying there, when he was certain that he would outsmart everyone by hopping the fence was too much. 
After freeing his leg, he and I had a chat about humility, which of course was applicable to both of us!

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