Monday, June 4, 2012

Alaska Trip #3

We spent the following day cruising up the coast.  Our first port was in Ketchikan.  We knew Mass was available, but thought we were going to have to hoof it for a distance...and it was raining.  Dad ran into the visitor center to get directions.  There he was told that vans arrive at port every few minutes to drive people to church.  That was an awesome surprise!  
The lady that taxied us up to church kindly let all 11 of us pile into her mini van, then volunteered to give us a brief tour of the town following Mass.
We were able to visit an eagle recovery center/fish hatchery, a totem pole center, go for a short hike, and explore many of the little shops along the way.

Next stop ~ Juneau!

Formal night in the dining room ~

Thank heavens for the bountiful bread sticks and butter patties, 
they kept Nickles busy every night.
I do think he tired of the novelty towards the end of the trip...he must not be my child!

Annika loved ordering her own food ~
typically the "All American hotdog, please."
Her fare looks slightly healthier in this pic ~:o)

So, we lost Grandpa and the boys for a few minutes, only to discover them in the pool.
It was so nice to have Grandpa's supervision for the boys during the trip.
They even discovered the glass elevator on the outside of the ship.
If one began at the 12th floor and rode all the way (uninterrupted) to the 1st floor, they'd 
feel like they were falling into the ocean.

Looking for whales ~

We did spot a pod way off in the distance ~

So I was hoping to get a serious shot, but alas, that is just not possible with this guy.

This picture is kinda bittersweet ~ 
The rain jackets the girls wore were Maria & Theresa's years ago.
Remembering what good friends they were makes me treasure my girls' closeness to one another.

An "I Spy" pic ~

"Mom, take my picture wit dis wog." 

no, he is still not speaking clearly

"Mom, take a picture of me wit dis moose."

This bear totally creeped the girls out!

In typical Bell family style, when there is a lull in the action they'll find something to do.
Even if that means chasing pigeons.

Ahhh, from this pic you'd think they always got along!

When we arrived back on the ship, Grandpa introduced us to the specialty dessert cafe ~
And we instantly were smitten!

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