Sunday, June 10, 2012

Alaska Trip #6

The next day we traveled all day ~ the seas were high and I hardly took any pics as I was bouncing off the walls all day trying to stand up.  The highlight was swimming in the pool which had lost a substantial amount of water but still had enough for some pretty substantial wave action.  The kids were in all their glory.  

The following day was Mom's birthday.  The swells weren't nearly as bad, so we played basketball and ate and ran around the ship and ate and swam and ate...I mean what else does a person do with an ice cream bar that is open all afternoon and through the evening?!?

That evening our port was Victoria.  I loved it.  Our taxi driver provided an immense amount of entertainment on our drive to and from town!  It was a bittersweet evening; the city was so beautiful but tomorrow our vacation would be ending.  

It was such an exhausting morning, Nickles threw off his clothes in the cabin 
and laid down to watch cartoons.

Mmmm, saltwater.... 

Apparently Dad was exhausted too!

We need to teach this kid how to dribble!

Or he just needs larger hands!

It's difficult to focus on the basket when the floor is moving!

The cookie monsters ~

Happy Birthday to Grandma!

I must say, we loved our dining staff.  They treated us like royalty, but like family too.  My sister was laughing at me, but it was difficult to say good-bye to them following this dinner.  

Yeah, it's a tough job eating dessert for the 20th time today, but somebody's gotta do it.

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