Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Alaska Trip #4

The next day we traveled into Tracy Arm Fjord.  I wanted it to be clear skies for the kids but alas, it was not.  It was still beautiful, blue skies show off the mountains so much better, though!  We saw the chunks of glacier floating down through the fjord, some teeny, some large enough that the ship had to navigate away from them.  When one is on a boat as large as ours it almost seems silly that it needs to avoid a chunk of ice, it seems like it could push almost anything aside.  
Apparently, that is not the case.  

Tracy Arm

Dom was more into a warm blanket and hot chocolate than chunks of 
floating ice and spectacular views!

Following our journey into the fjord we traveled to Juneau where we anchored away from port.  Much to the kiddos' delight, this meant a boat ride into the docks.  This day was also Katherine's birthday which we began with a just-girls breakfast in the formal dining room.  

Breakfast served while we were cruising down the fjord made an 
extra memorable birthday breakfast for Kath.

Joshie & Michaela discovered these "King & Queen" chairs 
while waiting for our tender ride into the docks.

Dad found us a ride up to Mendenhall glacier ~
these little pools were scattered throughout the rock formations.

No, they are not running from a bear, 
Grandpa had just told them the taxi would be leaving shortly!

One of the magnificent waterfalls that we saw~

A beautiful shrine to St. Therese that our taxi driver told us about ~
not a planned stop, but exactly where we were supposed to be!

Ooof ~ we can stretch our legs!

In the harbors,  among several large cruise ships, the little float planes 
would just zip through and take off!

Katherine's birthday dinner was made even more joyful by 
many of our servers gathering to sing to her.

Shortly after this pic, while he was trying to make it "jump" 
like the waiter had taught him, Dom's napkin mouse sailed  over his head  
and landed smack in the middle of someone's table...ugh!

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