Saturday, November 9, 2013


We are heathens ~ celebrating Halloween and all.  Actually, we don't really celebrate it, we just go out and collect candy.  The kids have fun dressing up as heaven-knows-what and I have fun dressing them up.  It is hilarious to see them as we head to town all dressed up, wondering at their good fortune to be leaving the house in such awesome apparel, definitely a departure from every-day-life.  And I must say, I laugh every year at their absolute shock that they can walk up to someone's door, knock, and have candy dumped into their bag.  It is definitely legalized robbery.  There is always a slight twinge of guilt, but that only lasts up to the first door.

We thought about giving our kiddos a lesson in socialism, redistribution of  wealth, etc. this year by confiscating half the olders' candy and redistributing it to the youngers ourselves, but decided against it.  They did have to pay Daddy a gas tax in chocolate, though.  They didn't mind.  He only got the little pieces anyway.

Dom's scary face 

Nickles just wanted a "wocket"
lucky Daddy!

Ooooo, look at all their faces!

Deep conversation ~

And Nickles is out ~
He hasn't even begun the hard work.

Three cowboys, Indiana Jones & two snakes ~

Checkin' out the loot ~

Inventorying her girl!

Shannon said that this year was definitely the final year of trick-or-treating and is already planning an All Saints Day party for next year.  We shall see.  If he does all the planning I'm all in!

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