Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Maximilian Joseph!

You're so special, oh so special,
God gave you to us!
It's no wonder that we love you so!

Saturday was packed with emotions: fear, anxiety, hope, and finally, joy!  The little jumping bean that arrived screaming was a surprise to us all.  After the past months of surrendering to God's will in our life, to be given this absolute gift was joy beyond compare.

As I prepared to leave our children at home and head to the hospital one person was heavily on my heart: Theresa.  I have no idea why, but everything that happened, she was there.  As Shannon dropped me off at the front doors of the hospital, she was there.  Walking down the halls of an unknown hospital, filled with fear, tears almost spilling over, she was there.  Changing into the hospital gown, she was there.  Waiting while we were prepped for surgery, she was there.  Was she spiritually walking beside me, or did I need to know how she felt as she entered the hospital each time in her last battle with leukemia?

Maybe both.

But on to Mighty Max, as Aunt Colleen dubbed him....he is amazing!  Back in July I remember a conversation with John, T's husband.  He had asked if there was any hope, to which I could only give the response our doctor had given us, "No."  That answer was reaffirmed this morning upon our visit with the doctor.  Where there was no hope, there is hope.  Where there was sorrow....only joy!  He made his debut screaming, a whoppin' 4 pounds, 5 ounces.  His feet seem to be the only thing about him that grew according to schedule.  Shannon is signing him up for swim lessons as soon as we escape the confines of the hospital in hopes that he'll put Michael Phelps to shame.  Of course, his godfather, Fr. Stu, is convinced he'll be the first wrestler in the family, I say nay-nay.
But, I digress.  He was swimming in only about 2 tablespoons of amniotic fluid and his cord was completely stretched out and twisted tight due to his constant motion. He was on oxygen for a few hours following birth, but transitioned to room air without an issue.  Right now we're working on getting him to nurse, he has already taken a bottle.  Since feeding was a concern, we are elated.

After treasuring every moment with Max the last few months, feeling each kick, noting every flutter, when I hold him on my chest I already feel as though I've known him forever.  Each wave of his arm, every jump, is familiar.  I guess, maybe I was too busy moving with all the others to focus on their little personalities in utero.  Since we thought we'd lose Max we sucked up every last minute we had with him.

So that's that.  We will be in the hospital for a while til the squirt begins gaining weight and can eat proficiently.  Of course, now I'm allowing myself to be optimistic and am hoping for next Monday but we shall see.  Since God's hand has been so apparent these past months I will leave this to him as well.  He does such a perfect job!



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    1. Tori, I think I erased your post...I'm techno- challenged. I am certainly not typically a faith-filled individual. It is just pure grace this time around! Peace, Allison

  2. Congratulations Allison, and to your family. He's beautiful!

  3. WELCOME to the outside world Max! And CONGRATULATIONS Allison and Shannon! He is beautiful! We look forward to meeting in person! We will continue to hold you in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love- Pat and Amy and ducklings5

    1. Thank you for your card a while back, Amy. It is in my treasure box, it meant so much!

  4. Congratulations Allison and crew! He is SO handsome! You are holding a miracle, and I have been blessed to behold the whole process. You have encouraged me more than you'll ever know! I'm rejoicing and crying tears of joy with you!