Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Harvests

Katherine has been hunting the last couple years pretty hard for as young as she is.  Her cousin had harvested animals with little effort and Kath was simply a little disappointed.  She hunted quite a bit with Grandpa last season and a few times this year.  Katherine would listen to Michaela's story of getting her first bull with Grandpa and hoped maybe that she'd get hers with Grandpa as well because it is always a great adventure.

This morning Shannon and Eric, Grandpa and Katherine headed out in different directions.  Sometime around 10:00 Katherine came dancing into the house with a smile as wide as Montana.  She had harvested her first bull and could hardly keep her feet on the ground.

Congratulations on your first bull, Katherine!


Then, there is Eric.  This is his first year hunting and as luck would have it he shot his first buck on opening day.  Unfortunately, now he will always think that is what will happen.  Sometimes a person is simply lucky. He made a fantastic shot, though!

Congrats on your first buck, Eric!

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