Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Max - Day 5

Holy buckets....five days.  It seems like Max has been here for much longer than that.  I have been discharged from the hospital now, so it's not as easy as running down a floor to see our little guy.  I think I suffered from displacement syndrome yesterday and was feeling kinda sorry for myself until we got in the elevator with a couple that I thought surely must have just had their babe by how difficult it was for the woman to move.  They had had their baby the same day as we had.  I felt so blessed just to be moving around with little discomfort.  I need to count my blessings before beginning to despair!

While Max is nursing, he is not nursing well, kind of distractable he is.  Nursing is good until something more interesting occurs which is often in about 14.3 seconds.  It's difficult to get enough nutrition in that time span.  The nurses didn't really have much to offer in the way of solid advice which led to a great deal of frustration yesterday.  After visiting with Amy and another young nurse, we have a plan and my heart is at peace with Max not being a voracious nurser at the moment.

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  1. Holy buckets indeed! How cute he is swimming in that precious hat. No harm no foul for the delete of the other post. Your openness to God's plan is humbling....I pray that plan includes a more focused appetite for Max soon. Hope to hear you're all going home soon. loveyoumeanit...